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364 Food Photographs over 15 Days

One hundred and eighty-four plate shots over nine shoot days on three sets with three styling teams, plus one hundred and eighty ingredient shots over six shoot days on two sets with two styling teams for Kraft Salad Dressings and Anythingdressing, a cool new website. That’s a lot of food and one huge production from Sue Tallon and her pretty large band of brothers and sisters.

Scroll down to view just a few of these images, plus some wonderful testimonials from the amazing creatives from TBWA\Chiat\Day, who brought this project to Sue Tallon.

“It was a pleasure working with Sue and her team. They had great ideas, and were also incredibly accommodating from start to finish. Sue’s style really helped to shape the art direction of our entire campaign, and I’m glad we entrusted her with the task. No one could have expected this production to go as smoothly as it did, but we shot  almost 400 plates of food without a hitch! “– Lindsey Montague, Art Director.

“Sue and her crew were awesome. The amount of work we threw at her, in an incredibly short timeframe, was truly daunting. The combination of their professionalism and artistry made the job feel easy and the images absolutely stunning”. – Michael Blaney, Creative Director. 
And special thanks to art producers, Kay Gautraud and Sabrina Bajaj and the rest of the team from Being at TBWA\Chiat\Day.

What’s all this?

MANHATTMAN is hosted by Norman Maslov, whose Agence Internationale, represents a small group of wonderful photographers. This blog showcases images from these artists along with scribes about music, films, food, gin martinis and hats. Pontifications from a native San Franciscan and his extended family and friends. So it goes.

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