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Michele Clement’s Award Winning bodies of work

No one can know what if feels like to sit naked to the world on a hard surface holding one position for ages after hours of special effects makeup application unless they have done it themselves. And that would be a very small club indeed.I was amazed at how long the first day’s talent went without requesting a break. I always ask if they are thirsty, hungry, cold. But I am not used to asking if their legs and bottoms are asleep, of if they have lost the feeling in their toes yet. Because we were shooting still and video the same poses had to be held for long periods of time. I realized that our talent was in physical pain on day one when the she asked if she could possibly move her body and then broke down in tears.
It was only then that I realized her legs had gone to sleep a while before and she had still held her pose in spite of it. I moved from camera to set in quick-time to place a robe over her shoulders at which time she laid her head on my shoulder and cried, all the while apologizing for needing a break and ruining our momentum. She was horrified that she was being unprofessional by crying on set. I quickly assured her that she was a real trooper and not unprofessional at all. In fact, her performance was more than anyone could ask for.
By this time we got her to a standing position and slowly walked her to the dressing room. I found some Motrin in my purse and offered it to her. A smile broke out on her tear stained face as she said “Thanks for being so understanding. I had no idea how hard this would be.” Obviously, neither had I. It is very easy to get wrapped up in the technical details and schedule of a shoot above all else.
But one of the most important things to remember is to take care of your talent. I realized this was a very physically and mentally stressful assignment for our talent and was prepared for the next day by explaining our previous day’s experience, making it clear that she should tell me when she needed a break. The same went for our male model on day three. It still wasn’t easy for them, but they were aware that I, along with my creative team, was on their side and they both pushed themselves to the brink before asking for a break. Though there were still a few tears and pins and needles along the way, there was the knowledge that we were working together – I was aware of their situation and we were a team working for the same goal, a great shot.
So I’d like to thank my big hearted, brave and talented models for being true professionals and giving us this gift of imagery that we are all proud to have been a part of – Michele Clement.

Manny Award: Most Creative Campaign. Medical Marketing & Media Awards: Best Overall Professional Print Campaign: Judges were moved by the black-and-white nude shots depicting the anguish of severe psoriasis sufferers and positioning Remicade as a “human brand” that should be administered earlier in the regime. They described the campaign as “Dark, dramatic, powerful, emotional and horribly beautiful.”

Agency: Draft FCB, N.Y.  Creative Director: Lennie Hickey  Art Director: Darran Samuels  Art Buyer: Alexa Benitez
Models names are withheld out of respect for the non-recognizable clause in their contracts.

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