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Amy Herold’s Chilling Images

The perfect martini is cold as ice. It’s best to keep the bottle in the freezer, which adds to the chilling of the liquid. Pour your brand over ice, and then add an ever-so-slight hint of vermouth (unless you like it dirty).  Shake it vigorously or stir it circularly, and then quickly pour into your stemmed Martini glass, before it gets watered down. Add your garnish of choice, which should be an olive or lemon peal. If you choose an onion, then the drink becomes a Gibson.  Although we are fans of Martinis, which are properly made with Gin, we appreciate photographer Amy Herold’s approach on how the make a Vodka Martini really, really cold.

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MANHATTMAN is hosted by Norman Maslov, whose Agence Internationale, represents a small group of wonderful photographers. This blog showcases images from these artists along with scribes about music, films, food, gin martinis and hats. Pontifications from a native San Franciscan and his extended family and friends. So it goes.

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