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Beautiful soup, beautiful, beautiful soup!

Have a bit of a cough and cold this week and the plethora of hopeful quick cure solutions in the form of¬†decongestants, cough syrups, cold tablets, vitamins,¬†echinacea, lozenges and other off-the-shelf pharma and holistic items, don’t hold a candle to the one thing that gives you immediate temporary relief; a hot tasty bowl of nutritious soup. Every spoonful, sip and slurp, brings back those memories of staying home sick in bed on a school day, having your mother or grandmother take care of you and feed you bowls of wonderful steamy homemade soup with huge chunks of chicken leftover from the night before.

Since it’s a cool and rainy outside today in San Francisco, I thought it would be a good idea to post some of Deborah Jones’ best soup images. They don’t exactly look like the bowls my mother served me, but they are guaranteed to sooth your artistic soul.

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