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Brandt’s Adult Swim

David Allan Brandt and his crew showed up the day before the shoot. Late in the afternoon, the poolside cocktail servers were decked out in their most revealing swim wear, waiting for a chance to be cast for the next days photo-shoot for their employers, the Tao Beach at the fabulous Venetian Hotel in the great city of sin, Las Vegas.

After a mini marathon casting session, the talent was selected. The following day was an all day affair, in and around the pool, shooting glorious images that reflect the series of witty headlines that will adorn billboards in and around the Vegas Strip. The production: A few cat fights, one girl couldn’t swim, some critical makeup and wardrobe adjustments, but all in all, everything went swimmingly. ┬áIf you must be underwater in Nevada, this way ain’t bad.

We all like the darker moodier photographs. The client wanted more high key and brighter images. I think we all left with smiles on our faces.

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