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Deborah Jones : Dirt to Dish

Finesse is a seasonal magazine published in house by just a few multitaskers within The Thomas Keller Restaurant Group. The Radish story comes from the fourth edition titled the Garden Issue.

Level Inc is a small design group in Calistoga responsible for all graphics TKRG related; they are uber talented and humble. We’ve collaborated for more than 15 years. For this story, they asked if I’d like to “play in the garden.”

The culinary garden (across the street from The French Laundry restaurant) is a beautiful place to work in any light or time of day. We set up early in cold fog, unearthed model radishes, tethered the camera to laptop, pinned the radishes to the background. Just as we are ready for capture the sun burst full force into the garden…race to build diffusion scrim, sandbags, black cards and C-stands.

Damn, the models have wilted! Begin again, move the set to follow the sun, move the camera to follow the set, pin new radishes, chef comes to say hi…sun has moved again, repeat. Oh how I love that rush of shooting fresh food in the sun. Truly, I do”. – Deborah Jones

“And shooting the compost pile for the last page was a no brainer”. – DJ


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