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Stephen Austin Welch gets all motional

Our very own Stephen Austin Welch, and his wonderful partner Katrine Naleid, have joined forces to create a motion version of themselves, specializing in directing live-action lifestyle spots for creatives worldwide.

“We create and capture inspirational authentic lifestyle moments. Shooting real emotion is what we are all about. We compose footage that is fresh, whimsical and a little quirky—but most importantly footage that honors the creative concept. Through our directing skills and the expert agility of our production company, LIMEY, we make the intangible, tangible”. SAW+KN

So SAW+KN are a directing duo, as well as still photographers. They can shoot both broadcast and print campaigns. Check out their KN+SAW mashup of still photographs.

“Eichler” CB2 spot  :60. Kudos to Hunter Wimmer who runs the blog Redneck Modern for letting us take over his newly remodeled Eichler for out film shoot. We were thrilled to be the first allowed to shoot in their home after his meticulous 3 year renovation.

“Summertime” Ace spot :30.  Sprinklers, kiddie pools, scooters & Wellies… that’s summertime!

“Sofia” Zappos spot  :30. Katrine has a way of capturing great performances of kids on camera. She explains, “I look at it as a game. Kids love to play games, so I make a game out of our time on set with the kids. Sofia did a great job, even her mom was impressed!” Whereas SAW thinks, “Adults like to play games too.”

“Chevelle” Pringles spot  :30.  Casting was fun… but selecting our 70’s muscle prop car was a blast! In this era of the nearly silent Prius, hearing the roar of a gas guzzling engine was refreshing. When the car was delivered to set, it made quite an entrance, we could hear it rumbling from blocks away. Out of the numerous cars we looked at we really had fun with the model we selected, a mint 1971 Chevelle SS convertible.

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