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Worldwide Healing Hands Nepal Documentation

Lou Lesko and Michael Britt, along with National Geographic photographer Ben Horton and Huffington Post writer Jesse Seaver are banding together to volunteer time and money to produce a story in Nepal about World Wide Healing Hands, a non profit organization that is obsessed with diminishing the maternal mortality rate in emerging countries.

It’s a story not commonly known, but without proper medical assistance, women around the globe are dying during childbirth in staggering numbers due to complications easily remedied by access to sanitary medical environments and materials.

They are sending Nat Geo shooter Ben Horton and Huffington Post writer Jesse Seaver to Ilam, Nepal to document the story about World Wide Healing Hands. The visuals and story they bring back will be given to WWHH to be used to tell the world about their important work.

They need your help. Please take a minute to give a few bucks to our Indie Go Go campaign so we can cover the costs of sending Ben and Jesse to Nepal. Any money they receive above and beyond what we need will directly go to World Wide Healing Hands for the purchase of medical supplies.


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