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Carnaval of Light

I wake up every year around this time, early on a Sunday morning to the sounds of over amped music blaring from portable PA systems, perched on the backs of cars, trucks and floats, stretched to their audible limits. Loud indistinguishable sounds of music and crashing drums, crossing over each other and echoing off the buildings, throughout the adjoining neighborhoods. A true Carnival of Sound.

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One block behind my house is the staging area and beginning of the Carnaval Parade route. It begins on Bryant Street in San Francisco’s Mission District, continuing on over to the 24th Street retail district and then magnificently snaking between the grandstand seating along Mission Street, where thousands of people pack the neighborhood for the three hour plus event. The Parade then winds down near Harrision Street where the eight block festival of food, art, music and dance continues all throughout day.

San Francisco has held their Carnaval for thirty-five years now, celebrating music and cultural elements from Latin American and Caribbean traditions.

Enjoy my take on it!

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And finally the unreleased sound of the Beatles Carnival of Light. Not for the uninitiated….

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