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New York City Snaps

Sue Tallon‘s New York Story: 

Can I just say I LOVE New York? …..Manhattan I mean…the “Big Island” of the East.

I’ve been going at least once a year for many years now and I miss it if too much time goes by between visits. It’s all about the place for me: the art, the towering immensity of it all, the walks (and walks!), the straight up people, the limitless good eats, the sometimes brusk encounters and the endless streets, sidewalks and cobblestones of all its’ colorful neighborhoods. There is somuch…of everything.


I recently started to play with Instagram on my iPhone. Turns out it’s a lot of fun and very addicting. I used to have dreams before I was about to travel, that I’d forgotten my camera at home. I’d be in this incredible place but couldn’t take any pictures. The feeling was pure disappointment, as if all of my enjoyment there was about photographing. I no longer love to lug my cameras around when I’m out on the streets but I do love snapshots and Instagram gives me that instant hit of picture taking joy and a forum of willing viewers- Sue Tallon

insta_nyc_2 insta_nyc_1 insta_nyc_6 insta_nyc_4 insta_nyc_firestn

insta_nyc_sohoAside from shooting in and around her San Francisco studio, Sue Tallon frequently shoots in Manhattan and is available there days and weeks at a time.

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