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Palm Springs Photo Festival

Prologue:  I returned home this past Saturday from spending almost a week at the Palm Springs Photo Festival. On Sunday morning I began putting together this blog posting, gathering together photos and writing lively stories of the wonderful events, the funny mis-haps and the good times, hanging around with new and old friends and colleagues. But by the time mid afternoon came on Sunday, everything had turned around as I heard the news that one of my oldest friends, my former business partner, my drummer and the closest I’ve ever had to a brother had died just a few hours earlier.

I will write about Larry Weinberg in a few days, but I post these images here, with no words for your viewing pleasure. Just enjoy them and realize how things can change so very fast.

Grab hold of someone today. Hug and kiss them and don’t let them go for a few minutes…or many many years. – Norman Maslov, May 6, 2013


Five days at the Palm Springs Photo Festival.

IMG_3901IMG_4060IMG_3989IMG_4068IMG_3982IMG_3918IMG_4045IMG_4044IMG_4043IMG_3934IMG_4257IMG_4206photo copy 3


IMG_4180IMG_4005IMG_4252IMG_4251IMG_4253IMG_4061IMG_4182IMG_4205photo copy 2IMG_4184IMG_4198IMG_4201IMG_4181

photo copy 2

photo copy 3

IMG_4031IMG_3960photo copy 3IMG_4240IMG_4203photo copyIMG_4202

photo copy


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