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Save the Amanda

I met Amanda McCabe in 2005 when she was working at Luna Park in San Francisco. She made me some of the best Martini’s for a couple of years, dry and perfectly shakin’, chilled with one olive. I’d frequently sit at the bar and chat with her about music, about records. Billy Bragg, George Jones, Young Marble Giants, country, folk, rock, post Punk, the San Francisco scene and pretty much anything else that fit on any round discs. She soon made me a mix CD, introducing me to wonderful artists like Joanna Newsome, Jens Leckman, Bill Callahan of Smog and many others who I continue to enjoy today. She added to my musical journey in a big way and we became good friends.


It was Amanda, along with another of her Luna Park people, who gave me a birthday gift certificate to the late ADS HATS Store on Valencia street. I used it towards my first leather Makins Hat, a beautiful deep red one that has become one of my signature head pieces. A special hat that would become well worn and frequently photographed over the years.


But now my good friend Amanda McCabe needs all of our help. A little over two years ago, Amanda moved back to Florida to treat her problem…..

“I have severe scoliosis and due to bad ergonomic conditions at work this has led to disk, nerve and muscle problems, resulting in bones spurs and debilitating chronic pain. The constant pain prevents me from lifting almost anything, I cannot carry a purse, wear a coat, carry a grocery bag, type for longer than 5 minutes at a time, or needless to say, work. I have trouble making it through a stroll around the grocery store. I spend most of my time laying with either ice or heat on my neck, shoulders and arms. I have explored and exhausted all of my insurance and workers comp treatment avenues”. -Amanda McCabe.

Here’s how you can help: The Save the Amanda fundraiser compilation album has hit the virtual shelves!! Two great volumes of music generously donated by 40 brilliant independent artists from around the country!! 100% of the proceeds will help pay for my treatment at the mayo clinic spine center!

Amanda is an amazing lady and stalwart of the indie music community. She created original album art for David Dondero, Birds & Batteries and Garrett Pierce, rocked a DJ residency at the legendary Hemlock Tavern in SF, interned at Sub Pop, worked at label relations for SNOCAP, was VP for Buried Treasure Records, admin for the Punk Rock Orchestra… The list goes on. Music is her life.

So it only seems fitting that some of the artists she’s helped and worked with chip in some music.

This compilation includes music, mostly unreleased rarities: b-sides, acoustic versions, live recordings, yet to be released tracks.

Listen, Donate & Download here : Save the Amanda record

This compilation will benefit the medical treatment of our friend Amanda McCabe, who has been bravely battling a debilitating type of scoliosis for many years. She’s finally got her first appointment with the Mayo Clinic on April 25th, 2013 in Jacksonville, FL.

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