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Save Makins Hats in New York



Manhattan used to be the center of manufacturing, but not anymore. Every year more and more Manhattan factories are going out of business.

For the last few years, designer Satya Twena and Makins (The Factory) have focused on local manufacturing, preserving the age-old craft of making hats by hand.

Every one of our hats is hand made right here in New York City’s Garment District, using techniques developed hundreds of years ago using the highest-quality materials with love, passion and hard work. Our companies have been featured in the following media outlets:

When the Makins factory abruptly closed last month they laid off all of their employees and were going to sell everything off (in pieces). We COULDN’T let this happen. Once an institution like this closes, it can NEVER be re-created.

So we did the ONLY THING we could think of —>WE TOOK A STAND for local manufacturing and bought the Factory.

AND NOW WE NEED YOUR HELP : we need to raise money to get the Factory back up and running fully, hire back the rest of the employees (we hired 3 of 9) and preserve the craft of hand made hats in America.

YOU CAN HELP BY SUPPORTING THIS KICKSTARTER campaign by purchasing one of incredible rewards .



From Norman Maslov:

I first started purchasing Makins Hats back in 2004. At the time I knew nothing about them, but after buying my third Makins in a row, I inquired about who the hat maker was. Marsha Akins was her name and she had been making hats since 1974. So I sent Marsha a letter along with a mini-book of some of my crazy hat shots. Marcia invited me to visit her factory in New York the following year and I’ve returned several times since, adding to my hat habit.


All Makins hats are still made by hand, one at a time, using steam to mold the straw, felt and leather bodies over the vintage wood blocks. They are beautiful and comfortable and really wear well. My favorite is still my first leather version. The Red one, which after eight years is soft like an old worn glove and still covers my head more than any other hat I own.

photo copy 5

When you are in Manhattan, set up a visit to their factory showroom or check out one of their retailers and choose a hat for yourself . Or, if you are so inclined,one for you know who (size 7 & 1/4).  I sure love those Makins and BTW, the company is now run by Marsha’s son Cody.

Here are just a few of my larger collection of Makins Hats including some of the very cool leather ones.

photophoto copy 2photo copy 4photo copy 6photo copy 7photo copy


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