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Summer Music’s Almost Gone

Summer’s almost gone so allow me to share some of the LPs that have graced my turntable throughout the summer. New tunes include albums by Tom Petty, Jenny Lewis, John Hiatt, Jack White and Morrisey plus some great remastered reissues from Pink Floyd and Syd Barrett, the Allman Brothers, Jim White and Bob Marley.

Several artist’s catalogues revolved frequently including multiple LPs by Kate Bush, Johnny Cash, Linda Ronstadt, Traffic and Warren Zevon.

While my complete music library is downstairs, I keep three bins close at hand, packed with albums that are in heavy rotation. And boy do they keep rotating!

IMG_8074 IMG_8735 IMG_0236 IMG_7982 IMG_8504 IMG_7802 IMG_0207 IMG_0204 IMG_8511 IMG_7539 IMG_7386 IMG_8697 IMG_0238 IMG_8534 IMG_7400 IMG_7396 IMG_7485 IMG_7842 IMG_7709 IMG_7521 IMG_7997 IMG_7713 IMG_7960 IMG_7994 IMG_8063

IMG_9323 IMG_7901

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  1. BostonEd says:

    Very jealous.

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