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Turn Turn Turn

So after 27 years I finally bought a new turntable; a British made Rega RP6. I still have by trusty old Dual CS5000 that I purchased new in 1987, but that will soon go downstairs as the centerpiece of an upcoming vintage stereo system (more to come on that later). The Rega now sits solidly on top of a beautiful walnut media cabinet, designed and built by Seattle furniture maker Nick Yoshihara.

What a difference a decade and a half makes! Upgrading to this turntable has has made me pull out more old records than ever, revisiting albums I’ve loved for so long, but hearing the music again in a somewhat different light. The soundstage of most of the albums played on this table and hooked into my Rotel Rig and B&W speakers is a rather tasty aural experience, especially when I’m sitting in my white chair, dead center directly in the sweet spot!


The Rega RP 6 Turntable.


IMG_6988 IMG_6214 IMG_5954 IMG_5952 IMG_5950IMG_7176

Nick Yoshihara’s Walnut Media Cabinet.
IMG_6895 IMG_6910

The Sweet Spot.


And some of this month’s new and old favorites in heavy rotation :

Warren Zevon’s first Asylum album, the new Black Keys, the Beatles of course, lots of Patty Smith, David Bowie, the newly remastered editions of the first three Led Zeppelin Albums, The Doors Weird Scenes from the Gold Mine on golden-orange vinyl, Chrissie Hynde’s first solo record ever, a sixties album of orchestrated covers conducted by the Man from U.N.C.L.E.S. Illya Kuryakin (David McCallum), sixties psychedelia from San Francisco with Quicksilver Messenger Service, some of John Lennon’s best, aural studio perfection from 10cc and Kate Bush, british folk from Nick Drake, the Stooges, the Partridge (don’t laugh) Family which is a great sounding record backed by the infamous group of studio musicians known as the Wrecking Crew, the Charles Lloyd Quartet Live at the Filmore Auditorium, the first three Fleetwood Mac albums when they were a British Blues band and Jack White’s Lazaretto, a record full of playback trickery including side one which you play backwards (from the inner grove out), hidden songs under the center labels and holograms of Angels placed in the inner groove.

Damn, what a great month of music!!

IMG_5991 IMG_5916 IMG_0031 IMG_0026 IMG_6084 IMG_6894 IMG_0043 IMG_5944 IMG_6803 IMG_6983 IMG_6972 IMG_7020 IMG_7065


IMG_6028 IMG_6770 IMG_6026 IMG_6775 IMG_7086 IMG_7009 IMG_7022 IMG_6062 IMG_7043


IMG_7118 IMG_7386

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