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11 of my favorite opening film sequences

An opening title or intro sequence can set the mood for the rest of the entire two hours of a film. Sometimes it’s an introduction to the storyline or main characters like in A Hard Day’s Night or Watchmen, or it can just be a graphic-type treatment over separate elements or details of the film’s environment like in 2001 or Seven.  

Below are some of my all time favorite openings. This is not a definitive top ten list in order, but rather an overview of several that have stuck with me over the years (this year’s Melanchola just blew me away). There are several other film openings that come to mind as well like Annie Hall, A Clockwork Orange, Apocalyse Now, Wings of Desire, Absolute Beginners, Vanilla Sky, Pi, Dr. Strangelove and even Saturday Night Fever. Some of these were not available for posting, plus I decided not to include multiples from any one director. I also passed on some of the classic designers like Saul Bass who did Psycho, Vertigo, The Man with the Golden Arm, Anatomy of a Murder and many others. So without further adieu ….

2001: A Space Odyssey – Directed by Stanley Kubrick


Seven – Directed by David Fincher


Manhattan – Directed by Woody Allen


A Hard Day’s Night – Directed by Richard Lester


Melancholia – Directed by Lars Von Trier

Watchmen –  Directed by Zack Synder


Raging Bull – Directed by Martin Scorcese


The Graduate – Directed by Mike Nichols


 8 1/2  – Directed by Federico Fellini


The Player – Directed by Robert Altman


Kill Bill Vol. 1 – Directed by Quentin Tarantino 

3 Comments to “11 of my favorite opening film sequences”

  1. Excellent! I would add Trainspotting and Girl With the Dragon Tattoo

  2. Awesome list. I enjoyed watching. Haven’t seen all the movies here. An I agree with Scooter. Add Trainspotting and Girl w/ the Dragon Tattoo.

  3. Maslov says:

    Haven’t seen Dragon Tattoo yet but all of David Fincher’s films usually have great openings; Seven, Zodiac, Fight Club, Panic Room, Social Network.

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