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Clearly Conceptual : Sue Tallon

These are from a series of 6 photographs Sue Tallon created for Clearly Kombucha, a line of Kombucha beverages with a different vibe. They needed Sue’s conceptual product stills to pair with a series of fashion model photos images with their flavors as style cues.


The look of these needed to match the style and vibe of the flavor as well as the fashion shots. Sue pulled color, texture and style from the flavors with the use of props she had gathered and materials that reflected the same sense of style and personality.


Art directors Kristen Brewer and Lissa Lowe had this to say about the project: “We wanted to experiment with a new look and feel for Clearly Kombucha’s product photography. Bored to tears by the standard approach to bottle photography, we decided to think outside the bottle. We wanted to collaborate with Sue because we loved her conceptual work and quirky approach. The goal was, first, to literally take the liquid of the bottle and put it in glassware, and then to play with light, patterns, colors, fabrics, props, textures and moods that would help bring each flavor’s personality to life in a beautifully unexpected way. The creative process was very organic from concept to completion. We were excited to work the way we most love to work: in a room with tons of props, art supplies and random materials and no constraints from the client to follow an exact formula”.


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