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The Best Cold Images by Harold Lee Miller

NEW!  Harold Lee Miller’s photographs for LaCrosse Boots selected as one of the top ten picks by Print Magazine for 2014

Harold Lee Miller: First place winner of the APA Awards competition in the Lifestyle category.

Into the Grey.  Harold Lee Miller spent a cold couple of days in the woods of northern Michigan last spring shooting a campaign for LaCrosse Footwear that’s out now.  The objective was to create some zen-like images of hunters in the environment, and Ben Seal of Seal Ideas was adamant that they not be typical hunting shots — a little more space around the subjects, focusing more on the overall experience than the kill.

The only creatures who got shot in this two-day project were our subjects, Chris and Casey Keefer, hosts of Backcountry Quest and Dropped.  No animals were harmed!  Some might have been inconvenienced on Keefer’s 700-acre game preserve, which afforded plenty of good locations.


That part of Michigan experiences wild swings in the weather — literally changing from snow to sunshine to cloudy and back to snow again several times a day.  Miller and his team preferred a cloudy look to direct sunshine, so they waited out the weather a bit while it decided what it was going to do. LaCrosse creative director Haven Anderson and his producer, Peter Christenberry, also braved the cold, along with a video crew shooting footage nearby for LaCrosse.


Thanks to Brian York for his deft retouching and post-production.

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