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Natural Beauties

By Michele Clement – Natural beauties – enhanced by a dream and brought to life by a talented team of creators, collaborators and craftspeople that shared that dream one long weekend.

I’ve been dreaming on this property for a while now. Not the sleeping kind, but the wandering around in the daytime kind of dreaming. The property is a five acre farm, pasture, barn and all. It’s the kind of place that you see and wonder, who lives there? As the result of pursuing that dream, I live here.

The first photo shoot in this remarkable setting resulted in what you see here. Lisa, Chris and I elaborated on an idea to contrast the natural locale with a more urban approach to styling, creating vibrant combinations. Striking reds against dark green. Lilac and apple green. Creamy satin and dreamy skin surrounded by grass green. There is something juicy about them.



The women in this series declare many things. Simultaneously soft, gentle and powerful. Winsome and intelligent. Subtle and potent. The setting supports the character of the concepts and style choices in an unassuming way, allowing them to be more portrait-like than any kind of fashion statement. I enjoy the way fashion is used only to place them in character.

Dakota_Red_Dress-177 Dakota_Red_Dress-224With the combination of natural surroundings, bold style choices in clothing pulled from vintage wardrobe, and the characters brought forth by our models one might call it a ‘Dr. Zhivago meets Alice in Wonderland on Carnaby Street’ type of idea.


Jessica_white_coat-266Going boldly where no man (or woman) has gone before is barely possible anymore. I’ve also heard it said that there is nothing new under the sun. My goal was simply to create a memorable impression for the viewers, one that would leave them with a feeling of the spirit in which these photos were created. My hope is that -just for a moment – they get pulled into the frame. The story running in their heads will be different from mine, but the image will be the spark.
Dakota_Pansey_Dress-228 Double_Sweater-087 Dakota_Pansey_Dress_2-099

Photography, concept, stylist assistant: Michele Clement

Makeup and hair, concept and collaboration: Chris McDonald
Styling, concept collaboration: Lisa Fremont

Digital tech, moral support and team entertainer: Andres Razo
1st Assistant and assistant caterer: Morgan Carlson
Modeling agency: SMG Talent
Models and character actresses:

Dakota Rose
Jessica Rothery
Nina Carduner
Alyssa Marie

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