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Spin It On: Flipside 360°

I first met John Greenleigh back in the mid 1990s when he visited my studio to show me a series of moving pictures. Now I’m not talking movies or videos, but rather interactive photographs of spinning objects. 360° angles of computers and printers, mostly tech devices at the time, full on visuals where one could see all angles of a particular objects, movable with their mouse. A product that the viewer could rotate at will.

It was cool, but as an agent representing still photographers, I had no idea what I could do with it or how to promote it. The web was still limited and broadband was virtually non existent. It wasn’t quite like when Decca Records passed on signing the Beatles, but it was a technique that was out of my personal mindset. I missed looking towards the future.


Then it was in 1996, when John, who had been photographing still images for Apple and other tech clients, was asked by Apple if he could make their products spin for their website. At that time there were very few doing this, maybe three or four studios around the world, who offered professional quality 360° product spins. John and his crew worked with Apple engineers and developers in the early days to improve the experience. They did hundreds of Apple spins (then called QTVRs) shown on the Apple site when new products were launched. And this is how Flipside Studios was born.

Now, all these years later, I have teamed up to represent the wonderful work of John Greenleigh and Flipside Studios. They are the only 360° studio located in the San Francisco Bay Area, but their reach crosses the country. Along with Apple, clients have included LG, T-Mobile, Amazon, Nike and Pioneer and has expanded into soft good manufacturers wanting to showcase their new product lines as well.



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