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Sue Tallon’s Cocktail Hour

A photograph can be like a carefully crafted cocktail. Placing the pieces just in the right place to create a texture, mood, a taste. Like the mixologist, the photographer chooses the ideal liquids, sets or props, gathering them all together and shaking, stirring and illuminating the ingredients to construct the perfect image aperitif.

We now serve you the new picture perfect spirits from photographer Sue Tallon.

Cocktail_Spice_Detail_1134_2UP_FINAL_WEB_1860px Cocktails_Appletini_Onion_Olive_0854_2up_WEB_1860px Cocktails_BloodyM_0987_2Up_WEB_1860px Cocktails_Lime_Silver_Tray_0876_2up_WEB_1860px

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