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Submitted for your approval; Sue Tallon’s conceptual imagery for a new editorial project illustrating Fiber Optics. Colorful images and a testimonial:

“To me, the best photographers not only produce what the client had hoped for, but go beyond and surprise you with something you couldn’t have imagined. Sue Tallon is that photographer. She thinks deeply about the project and turns out phenomenal results, Her images are unique, extraordinary and surprising. Sue is kind, generous and easy to work with. A dream collaborator! “ – Randi Klett, Photography Director, IEEE Spectrum Magazine

IEEE_Spectrum_FiberOptics_XXV1_FINAL_LowRes IEEE_Spectrum_FiberOptics_1436V3b_LowRes_FINAL IEEE_Spectrum_FiberOptics_1337V1b_LowRes_FINAL IEEE_Spectrum_FiberOptics_1436V1b_LowRes_FINAL IEEE_Spectrum_FiberOptics_1373V2B_FINAL_LowRes

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