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Happy 80th Birthday Jim Marshall

Three Stories and a photograph of Jim Marshall :

1. I met Jim through my late friend Dany Walker around 1979. Dany’s father, George, was one of Jim’s criminal attorneys and handled his weapon assault charges.  When Jim did his work-furlough program for photographer Dennis Grey, (assist during the day and in jail at night)  Dany moved into Jim’s Union Street apartment. This was probably around 1980 or so. I would hang around there a lot and there were lots of parties.  It was above the Food Art Store and faced right onto busy Union street. There were these steel filing cabinets in the kitchen all full of Jim’s negatives. I mean ALL of them. We used to rummage through looking at them.  It’s so cool nobody took them. They sat there for years.

2. I remember once way back in the late 80s when I was going to New York to show portfolios,  Jim asked me if would take his work and show it around. I told him that I would represent him in a minute, if he were dead.  If you knew Jim, you would understand my reply. He told me to fuck off a few times and then gave me a print. A few months later he photographed me and my friends at my birthday party. I never saw those images.

3. About seven or eight years ago I was sitting at the bar at the Sunset Marquis Hotel in LA. There were about ten or more of Jim’s photographs framed on the walls. I started talking to the bartender about Jim. The bartender told me that he had been banned from the Hotel for throwing a chair through the window.  Literally five minutes later we hear this really loud voice yell out from the doorway across the room; “WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING HERE MASLOV?!.”  Sure enough it was Jim. Returning to the scene of the crime.

Last July I ran into Jim at at Lulu’s in San Francisco. I took this picture (below) with my iPhone after he bought me a Martini (he frequently bought everyone drinks) . I would always run into him in bars. Many many many times. – Norman Maslov

See Jim Marshalls’ wonderful archive of images right here.

The bar at Lulu’s in San Francisco . July 2009:

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  1. What a character he was! I waited on him and a lot of the photographers at Julie’s Supper Club while I was in college in the late ’80s. Such a flirt! And boy, did he hate onions! His buddies put me up to a prank; serve him a kitchen onion in a martini. Never saw Jim move so fast to get away from a drink!

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