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Ranson & Mitchell’s Ice King

One of the most enjoyable aspects about being in a creative family is when invent ways to play together. Early on, we started taking interesting annual portraits of our son Ozlo to capture whatever personality best suited him at the time. As such, it has become a hilarious and unusual menagerie of characters. Through the years, many of these portraits have taken advantage of projects we’re working on, be it a small prop, or a whole set, that has given us a nudge in a certain direction. Whenever possible, we’ve encourage him to weigh in on the concept, and participate in creating the set pieces.


At the time of this shoot, we were working on a “icy” project and had on hand oversized icicles, a starry sky backdrop, faux paver stones and snow. Our families mutual love of fantasy books, films and video games gave our son plenty of inspiration to draw from and he choose to be a wizardly Ice King.

To help hone his character, our son helped Stacey make his costume including the faux fur cape, and paper clay crown and wand. During shooting with Jason, our son easily called upon his strong imagination and embraced his inner viking. We ended up creating two images for the scene with the other being more contemplative.

The post production involved digitally painting the icicles to appear even more icy, adding magical glowing runes to the paver stones, sparks from his wand and an overall mystical glow to the scene.

One thing we all look forward to is hanging the new portraits on our family wall. It’s a sight to be seen.

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