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Live Larger with Ransom & Mitchell

Maximus launched a new campaign for Park Merced with the phrase “Live Larger.” Ransom & Mitchell was tapped by Transparent House to create the antithesis — the overly cramped San Francisco apartment. This was achieved by playing with the perspective to create oppressive rooms with low ceilings and crowded furnishings.

Jason Mitchell worked with the talent on set to embody the everyday discomfort of close quarters. Stacey Ransom stitched together the key details on CG backgrounds supplied by Transparent House to take the scenarios to the finished level.


Ransom & Mitchell was chosen in part for their ability to make the seemingly unreal to appear possible. With this segment of the campaign being OOH, the read on the images needed to be quick and lasting. By using their attention to the quirks and details, they incorporated into the series a humor and depth of story that defines the Ransom & Mitchell style.

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