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The Apple Boutique 50 Years Ago

The Apple Boutique. 94 Baker Street, London

In the tradition of Yves Saint Laurent, Christian Dior and Levi Strauss, the Beatles decided to enter the fashion industry. they commissioned four Dutch designers, known as The Fool, to create a line of contemporary clothing for the shop they planned to open.

A gala party opened the Apple Boutique fifty years ago on December 5, 1967, the first venture of what was to become a major experimental business creation. The building at the corner of Baker and Paddington streets, was decorated by a four-story psychedelic mural also painted by The Fool. Colorful facial images, designs and shapes covered the outside of the brick walls. Needless to say, the conservative and narrow-minded neighbors sued to have the mural removed and replaced by a color mor suitable to the area … like white!

In spite of this new and more simplistic look, the boutique didn’t last. On July 30, 1968, the Beatles bailed out of the retail clothing business in true Beatles style. They gave all the clothes away for a free-a-£ 13,000 giveaway, which also created chaos in the streets of London.

The Apple Boutique building after the Beatles.

From The Beatles England by David Bacon and Norman Maslov


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