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Pins and Needles and Bottles

Ransom & Mitchell were literally on pins and needles creating their new series of photo/CG compositions. The chair contains a thorny bunch of CG elements perfect for creating a scenic respite for the roughest of desert dwellers. The fine tuning of the chair came with hand placing the spines, colored and shaped to match the cactus needles, with the right amount of organic variations to mimic what would be found in nature. A two-toned and semi-translucent texture allowed them to stand out against the varying light and dark background found in the immediate surroundings. Keeping them as geometry, they could then interact with the other elements, casting shadows and reflections where appropriate to further the look of a live object placed in the scene.

This led them to also create a scene of a miniature house placed inside a bottle. Their process involved multiple steps which began with drawn sketches to help clarify design, color choices, and architectural details. They then 3D sculpted the various elements needed including the glass bottle, miniature house, and the grassy sand dunes. All elements were enhanced with custom created textures including wood planks, masonry, and home interiors complete with glowing lighting.

Ransom & Mitchell constructed the scene in a 3D space so it could be dimensional lighted with the ambient cast of a warm, sunset sky. The 3D renders were composited with photographs of clouds, the ocean, distant hills, and seagulls from their extensive library to complete the final beach scene. The deft usage of multiple 3D programs to create a vast array of objects and scenery, plus the combination of composited “real life” photography is what gives Ransom & Mitchell their signature style.

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