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Classics Works of Art

Revisiting Michele Clement’s Classic Works of Art Series with a new image. 

“Remember that first real kiss? The unimaginable suddenly happens: you are in love. My love of photography happened this way. Seeing my first print come up in the developer sent a shiver down my spine, leaving me with goose bumps. The image, a portrait of a small boy left for the holidays at an upper class private school while his parents went to Europe for Christmas vacation – without him. I saw things in the photo that I hadn’t registered when I was there shooting it. At that moment, I was irrevocably hooked on that unique window into the soul that only photography can create.

Occasionally that special something, the indescribable, takes place. Happily, this phenomenon descended on my studio recently during a personal shoot based on classic works of art, incorporating versions with our models wearing unusual eyeglasses.


It would be too easy to make them ‘pretty’, they had to also be understated and clean. How to do that with such a big hair idea and beautiful faces? A no makeup look was a critical part of this balance along with models that were not the typical ideal of what a pretty face is. They had to have character. Add a stylist that has her own unique view of the universe and a makeup and hair person that is sensitive, talented and experienced enough to handle our vision without overpowering it.

Add a pinch of luck, like finding the perfect models after our original shoot date was cancelled the week before by the two others that we originally chose. My mother used to say, “All bad things don’t come to hurt us”. I didn’t really understand many of her saying when I was younger, but after being disappointed about our cancellation, then rebooking the two new girls, I can see what she meant. It was the perfect storm, to borrow a phrase. When the first images came up on my screen that morning I got goose bumps and images of the second model brought tears to my eyes that afternoon, I knew something special was happening.

This is why I’ve chosen to do what I do. It is a part of who I am. Seeing an idea in my mind’s eye and then actually seeing it come to life in front of me is such a thrill. I don’t know why it is always such a surprise when I have an emotional reaction like that first kiss moment. All I can say is that I am lucky to still be in love after all these years…” – Michele Clement: 

 Stylist: Lisa Fremont  Hair and Makeup: Alex from Artists Untied  Models: Sammie and Stephanie from City Model Management



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