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Welcome to Manhattman

What the hell is Manhattman? Well, it’s not the island on America’s east coast that is thought by some to be the cultural center of the universe. Nor is it the great black and white Woody Allen film from 1979. It is a hybrid name that I think I might have made up years ago but probably didn’t… Another one of those semi-obvious near miss titles that never makes it through spell check.

Along with photography and music, hats have been a passion of mine for many years. I wear one every day from a collection that continues to grow. At some point, about a dozen or so years ago, the hat merged into my agenting business as several of my photographers started creating images of hats in still life, fashion, portraits and conceptual creations. We then started to include them on some of our promo pieces. And then a hat made it into my identity and eventually appeared on every cover of my annual photography promotional catalogue. My obsession had become my branding, leading up to the genesis and then execution of this blog.

Manhattman will present new images and projects from my Photographers each week. Friends and colleagues will contribute to the various categories with scribes about Martinis & Bites, Sound & Vision and Day Tripping. I will post whatever I am in the mood to write about or show on any particular occasion (music will be a high priority). Eventually we will see what shows up in the Air It Out section.

So, welcome to the new blog! Pontifications from a native San Franciscan (Norman Maslov) and his extended family and friends. Not from a native New Yorker, but from Manhattman.

Photographs below (top to bottom) © Random & Mitchell, David Allan Brandt, Sue Tallon, Deborah JonesDavid Allan Brandt, Michele Clement, Sue Tallon & Michele Clement. 

Screen Shot 2014-03-21 at 9.42.57 AM

2 Comments to “Welcome to Manhattman”

  1. Paul Curtin says:

    Perfect, “seven and a quarter” is just my size…

  2. Juliette Wolf-Robin says:

    Congratulations Norman, this is a fabulous intersection of passion and promotion!

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What’s all this?

MANHATTMAN is hosted by Norman Maslov, whose Agence Internationale, represents a small group of wonderful photographers. This blog showcases images from these artists along with scribes about music, films, food, gin martinis and hats. Pontifications from a native San Franciscan and his extended family and friends. So it goes.

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